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Polar Star Films
Rosselló 320, Local 1
08025 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 200 47 77

The Final Fair

Director: Ricardo Íscar
34 min, HD, 2015

For all of us, life is a film with a predictable ending. With 7 billion future clients in mind, Spanish and Portuguese companies from the funeral sector meet every year in Ourense to show off their latest products and services. There are diamond-studded and mink-lined coffins, hardwood urns, Swarovski crosses as gifts and luxury cars for a high-class public. No, in death we are not all equal, although obviously it comes to the rich as it does the poor in the end. In “The Final Fair” (La última feria), morbid fascination, dread and black humour are washed down with cava and Iberian ham.

The Last Fair

Key crew:

Executive Producer: Carles Brugueras
Producer: Marieke van den Bersselaar
Editor: Ricardo Íscar, Alê Paiva, Domi Parra
Photography: Ricardo Íscar

Festivals & Awards

Seminci 2015
Alcances 2016
Festival Cinespaña - Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Toulouse 2016
Alcine 2016 - Best Film Editing and Special Mention Award
Atlantidoc 2016 - Best Mid-Length Film Award