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Polar Star Films
Rosselló 320, Local 1
08025 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 200 47 77

The Club

Director: Rose Kowalski
76/52 min, HD/Digibeta, 2009

A sensual portrait of an urban community that explores human desires, ambitions and fragility through the daily activities of a swimming club. In a spectacular setting overlooking the beach, port and city of Barcelona, suntanned grannies, world-class athletes and the body-beautiful converge in their search for happiness and wellbeing.

As days unfold and seasons pass, we follow the ups and downs of life’s journey - the freshness of childhood, the trials of adolescence, the love and ambition of young adulthood, the crises of middle age, the loneliness and liberation of old-age. We learn how an entity founded on working class ideals evolved over a century into a diverse and tolerant community that is a home-away-from-home for its.

Key Crew

Director: Rose Kowalski
Executive Producer: Carles Brugueras
Producer: Madeleine Sheahan
Director of Photography: Anna Molins
Editor: Judith Miralles


ULLDOC, documentary sessions organised by INDOC
Plataforma de Documentalistes Independents, 2011 - Official Selection International
Film Festival "Santiago Alvarez in Memoriam", Cuba 2010 - Official Selection
Documentary Edge Festival, New Zealand 2010 DOK Leipzig Market, 2009 - Official Selection
DOCSDF International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City, 2009: (International Premiere) In competition: Best Iberoamerican Documentary
MEDIMED Documentary Market, 2009